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Diagnosis and Treatment for Low Vision, Gonzales, LA

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At Accent Vision Care, we offer low vision treatment in Gonzales, Louisiana to help patients make the most of their remaining vision. Whether you have been recently diagnosed or have been living with low vision for years, our experienced eye doctors can help you enhance your vision and improve your quality of life.

What is low vision?

Low vision is a visual impairment that can’t be fixed with glasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery. People with low vision may have difficulty seeing objects up close or far away, frequently bump into things, or have trouble recognizing faces. Daily life can be challenging for those with low vision. Simple tasks such as reading a book, watching TV, using a computer, cooking, or driving can become more difficult. At Accent Vision Care, we specialize in helping patients with low vision maximize their remaining sight and maintain independence.

Who is a good candidate for low vision services? 

Many types of individuals may benefit from low vision services in Gonzales, including: 

  • Visually impaired patients: 20/70 or worse vision with glasses or contacts 
  • Legally blind patients: 20/100 or worse vision with glasses or contacts 
  • Patients who need extra help seeing up close or far away even with their most up-to-date glasses on 

What common eye conditions can cause low vision? 

The most common causes of low vision include: 

  • Severe diabetic retinopathy 
  • Wet and dry macular degeneration 
  • Retinitis pigmentosa 
  • Stroke  
  • Glaucoma 
  • Eye injury 

Low vision treatment in Gonzales, LA

At Accent Vision Care, we offer a range of treatment options for low vision to help improve visual function and enhance the quality of life for our patients. These options include trial frame refraction and magnification devices like monocular and binocular telescopes and desktop magnifiers or CCTVs (closed circuit televisions). We also offer tinted lenses to help with glare, light sensitivity, and visual discomfort.

We may also recommend strong reading glasses for improved near vision clarity and brighter lighting to enhance lighting conditions for better visibility. Our team also provides referrals to home navigation, orientation, and mobility specialists as well as counselors for vision loss.

If you are struggling with low vision and looking for personalized care and support from experienced professionals in Gonzales, Louisiana, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.